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Mokoia Island

150110aw34 Students relax between lessons at Mau Taiaha Wananga on Mokoia Island 15 January 2010 The Daily Post Picture by Andrew Warner.
RDP 19Jan10 - RELAX: Students at the wananga take a well-deserved break from their training to enjoy the sun and water. PICTURES / ANDREW WARNER 150110aw34TRAINING: Students are taken through taiaha training at Mokoia Island Mau Taiaha Wananga. 150110AW7THE CHALLENGE: Orcades Heke, 10, gives it everything as he shows his skills at the Mokoia Island whanau day. 150110AW29TOP STUDENT: Yordi van Dijk, 15, was this year's top student at the wananga, he is the third generation of the van Dijk family to attend the course. PICTURE / 150110AW31

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